Write a 2 page essay on Ethical interview.

From this illustration, it is evident that this method is not only used the moment a partner dies (Garcia, 2001).

From the matter and hand, Karen Capato who used has husbands through the Vitro fertilization gave a result of twins. It is a fact that some children have been denied a right of accessing the heritage on how they were born. The governing bodies have to propose a bill that advocates genetically manipulated children to find and understand how they came into existence and to gain their inheritance. The attitude and the perception by the state not to recognize these children as humans even though they are issued with the birth certificates is an overwhelming factor that needs to be eliminated. Despite technology being used, what matters is that the result that will be generated is a human being. Putting these children in the state of doubt makes them lose confident of themselves being in mind their conception was as natural as compared to the other kids (Salumets, 2003).

Globally, the matter grown to a higher level because the number of children produced with the assistance of technology has continued to grow. Its growth has gotten a bigger number of complex ethical issues especially those that are associated with the matter at hand. When it comes to the social security benefits entitlement for these children conceived through means, I suggest that there should be some limits in the decision that are proposed by the supreme courts. For the limit to be implemented there must be considerations and according to my opinion, I suggest this by the use of utilitarian ethical theory and the principle of fairness (SANKAI, 2000).

When children are conceived using genetic manipulation, there are legal difficulties that that compounds the individual to gain the inheritance. Through applying the principle of justice, we focus on the equitability of the distributional risks because of the limited resources available. The

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