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This issue can lead to serious monetary and non-monetary repercussions for the company. In the legal sense, the company has displayed an unacceptable level of negligence and casualty in the management of standard of care which should have been exercised adequately by the company to ensure that it maintained its reputation as a socially responsible enterprise. As such, it is the legal duty of Choc Deluxe now to take care of the situation so that the derogatory impacts of the incidence can be lessened if not mitigated completely. It cannot be denied that sheer negligence has been done on the part of Choc Deluxe which has resulted in the monetary and physical harm for the consumer of the product, Lauren. Thus, both the aspects of financial and physical losses and harm are associated with this incidence. Not only ahs her tooth and lips dammed because of biting the nail present in the chocolates but also she has to incur a high cost of 20000 for treating her broken tooth and the cut in her lips.

This is a form of pecuniary damage done to the plaintiff as per the tort of negligence (Buxton, 2000). This is because the plaintiff has been physically injured due to the negligent conduct of the company. Due to this, Choc Deluxe has to pay the monetary expenditures incurred in the treatment of the physical injuries and damages of the plaintiff, Lauren. In addition to this, Choc Deluxe should also issue a formal apology made to the plaintiff as a way of compensating for their negligence in non-monetary terms (Conaghan and Mansell, 2008).

In this case, the liability of Choc Deluxe under the Tort of Negligence is high as there has been a significant lack of responsible behavior and exercising of the standard of care in the manufacturing processes and products of the company (Williams and Hepple, 2008). The incidence also brings into light the loopholes in the quality check

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