Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Mimicry or alcohol.

The hypothesis of the research was that mimicking the out group by the participants would lead to less explicit as well as implicit prejudice compared to mimicking the in group or even passively observing the out group (Inzlicht, Gutsell and Legault, 2012).

The participants of the study were non-black participants all of who were undergraduates and hence educated. The females were 37 while the male were 26. Their mean age was 18 years. Their assignment to the subject conditions was made randomly. There were three subject conditions as mentioned in the hypothesis and they were: out group mimicry, in group mimicry as well as the out group observation.

The procedure for the three groups involved watching a video of men drinking water. The first group (out group mimicry) had water glasses placed in front of them while the out group observation had no water but both watched videos of black men. As for the in group participants, they watched the same video complete with water glasses but the actors were non-black (Inzlicht, Gutsell and Legault, 2012).

The results indicate that both the in group mimicry and the out group mimicry showed the same reaction towards their race. The results of the out group observation yielded similar results with the in group mimicry. The results are in accordance with the hypothesis and support it fully.

The conclusion of the study was that mimicry is a culturally learnt behavior and could be unlearnt. This was concluded based on the fact that the out group that merely observed had the same reaction towards the video as that in the in group even though they were watching black people while the in group watched non-blacks (Inzlicht, Gutsell and Legault, 2012).

I totally agree with the conclusion because the evidence of the research study is quite clear. If the same in group can have the similar reaction to the out group even though they just observed their behavior

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