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Key among the roles of the government is to provide every Nigerian access to basic healthcare facilities without discrimination. In Nigeria, primary health care services are available in both the rural and urban areas. The agencies provide basic care to citizens regardless of their class or status. There are various aspects supporting the evaluation of the primary health care services in Nigeria. Primary health care services also include training on prevailing health problem and techniques of controlling and preventing the problems. It ensures proper nutrition among citizens and promotion of food supply and childcare, family planning immunization and prevention against major infectious diseases. There is significant evidence in the health promotion interventions making active enhancement of human health care. Primary healthcare also concerns the satisfaction of health- related Millennium Development Goals among the marginalized group and poor members of the population.

World health organization (WHO) applies health promotion techniques to health and related social system and various risk factors including disease and health issues. Organizations are concerned with improving the quality of life by performing health promotion services.

Health promotion has crucial roles to play in fostering public health policies and health -supportive environments promoting positive social conditions and skills promoting healthy lifestyles (Boman & Isiaka 2015, p.1). World health organization supports the country in improving infrastructure for organizing planning and initiating multispectral health policies and programs in Nigeria. Health system concentrates towards health promotion promotions initiatives including and their capabilities geared towards promoting health. There are advocacy and social mobilization for policy in support of health

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