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The Serious and Organized Crime Agency has defined insurance fraud as an interlinking crime with other serious crime as terrorism, money laundering and drugs trafficking. The articles probes into the nature of insurance frauds in UK and its demography and investigation nature

The research article is stating on the demography characteristics of the insurance frauds and their race and ethnicity .It is estimated that the main offenders are males according to the prison survey. This was same in UK, Scotland and Canada and U.S. The article claims that in UK the majority offenders are white, while in Canada the prisoners who were nationals are very less while U.S had more Hispanic and African Americans as offenders. The violent crimes of these prisoners included assault, murder, sexual offences and kidnapping. It is mostly ethnical and racial minorities who perform crimes and they come under the age of 35.

However, the research conducted revealed that the demographic profile of white collars was different and they committed crimes like property crimes, forgery & counterfeiting, embezzlement and fraud. Their profiles only contained age, sex and race and they are older than other offenders. These white collar offenders were different from common criminals and they were usually middle aged whites. The elite white collars were typically from upper-class and had regular profit and enjoyed luxurious lifestyle. The article suggests that the psychological methods can be applied to investigate such fraudulent crimes. There is however less academic research in this field when it comes to financial sector. The insurance sector face many challenged due to fraudulent claims and the research on computer based fraud is limited.

White collar crimes and its victims need to be studied so that one can understand from whom such crimes tend to originate. Most of the fraud acts remain undetected

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