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Analysis of the traditional cultural versus the interpersonal interest conflict from the angle of social justice, it is important to understand the implication of same-sex marriage to the society that is opposed to the arrangement. Equally, it would be significant to understand the implication of prohibiting same-sex marriage as it will lead to infringing the rights of the minority in the society.

In the approach of social justice, Therefore, the main question in the application of the law is whether it is just to protect the minority in the community or to safeguard the rights of the majority in the community.

The constitution of the United States through the chapter on the bill of rights stipulates the rights freedoms and privileges that are enjoyed by the American citizens. Nevertheless, in as much as the citizens have their rights stipulated in the Constitution, which is the principle law of the country, the rights at some point, could be seen to interfere with the free operations of the criminal justice system. The fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth amendments of the constitutions are particularly of concern to the criminal justice.

Individuals are protected from unreasonable search and seizure of property unless with warrant for a probable cause according to the fourth amendment. This amendment may hinder the operation of criminal justice. An example when the police suspect that evidence of robbery are hidden in a particular location and could be relocated any time, it would take the police time to process the warrant which might be ready after the relocation. In the Fifth Amendment, individuals are protected from self-incriminating and double jeopardy. This amendment prevents the criminal justice from benefiting from the evidence that a criminal may be willing to present (Deborah, 2013).

The sixth amendment requires individual proceeds in a court to

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