Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: What is Romance.

I plainly believe, on this ground, that one such element of huge significance is romance – a mystical fuel or driving force within what constitutes the essence of love yet which possesses distinct character that enables us to distinguish one relationship from the other.

Despite the mystery of how it works, romance is something humans readily perceive for it is, I suppose, designed to relish our senses and recognize the truth of love in-the-making. By experience and common knowledge, we take romance as it is in thought and act capable of emerging moments of lasting splendor due to which, we feel young at heart. It is not merely present and cherished by couples of opposite sexes, as I see it. Apparently, there occurs romance between any two critically intimate entities – such as man and God, man and self, God and other creatures, man and world, or even mind and wisdom, as well as life and struggle. We may not derive strength from it on a regular basis but certainly, romance beats the dull and illumines a soul in gloom as we treat it an unseen worker of personal tale, an occasional spice of relief, a rainbow connection, a dancing reverie, or a starlight express in all aspects of living.

Last week, I visited the Timken Museum at Balboa Park in San Diego. The painting ‘Mrs. Thomas Gage, 1771’ by John Singleton Copley especially caught my attention. Through oil on canvas, Copley seems to have managed his artistry to work on the fine details of the piece in the manner as to exude radiance of the main subject. In the overall view of the painting, hence, my critical observation led me to ponder that the chief task of his brainwork could have focused on lighting scheme. It appears that, besides the vital consideration of lines, curves, and colors that altogether formed the image of Mrs. Thomas Gage, Copley ensured that these visual elements were governed by the perspective of light, originating mostly out of the

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