Write a 5 page essay on Legislation and ethics report.

There’s even the freckled duck enclosure which is one of the world’s rarest ducks.

Given the educational and social experience that the student will experience they will have closer understanding and appreciation of what they have always learnt in class because they will have real life experience of practically interacting with what they have always learnt in class.

The focus of excursions is to give learning as well as social experience to the students through interactions with nature and other practical aspects that make the students comprehend more at the work place.

Walking along the trails is very educational for the children as they get to explore and learn things that they might just see in books. E.g. live birds and reptiles. Watching animals and birds will make the children comprehend things that they have always seen in books. Through such experience, the students will have better understanding of the aspects through real life experience. On the same note, social welfare of the children would be enhanced through the interactions that the opportunity would accord them as they interact amongst themselves as well as with the adults that accompany them.

The ratios between children and adult will be 3: 1. There will be 5 adults coming along. 3 teachers and 2 volunteers. It is always better to have more adults and be able to care for all the children than to have more children and fewer adults. We will be hiring a bus. Children will board the bus from the centre and arrive straight to Hunter Wetlands. They will not be crossing a pedestrian or a set of traffic lights.

In course of the journey, there will management that will ensure that the seating capacity stated in the compliance plate is not exceeded. On the same note, the adults who accompany the children will ensure that the children will remain seated all through the journey and that they will be seated near an adult persons

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