Write 3 page essay on the topic Fashion Related Museum Response.

The Museum exhibition by Yves Saint Laurent and Halston is the premier exhibition to a clear sight into the contribution of Saint Laurent and Halston in the fashion industry (Mears 3). The vibrant nature of their careers exemplifies the dynamism of fashion, and mood and style dictate menswear collections.

A look at the exhibition works from the two presents an opportunity for a student’s like me to explore the wealth of the 1970s fashions.

The exhibition allows an in-depth understanding of fashion as the cultural landscape of a sexy and glamorous outlook. The main display aims at celebrating the achievements of Saint Laurent and Halston. By virtue of their exemplary designs, the two designers play the pivotal role in the definition of an indolent fashion in the 1970s. When I attended the fashion event, the works of both artists with approximately 100 exclusive collections from the FIT Museum stood thematically with a sense of style. Style evokes the qualities of individualism and displays a level of self-esteem.

For Saint Laurent and Halston, the fashion of the 1970s meant the relaxation to the codes of fashion. Evidently, all the works at the exhibition display a combination of modernity and the economic mood that formed the moral fabrics of the early societies. The history of modern fashion emanates from the fashion transition pioneered by the advent of design from Saint Laurent and Halston. During their era, the two designers dominated the fashion industry with their creativity and artistry.

However, as the years passed, the two grew in the making of distinct designs that were on display at the exhibitions. By shear entrance into the show, one is fascinated by the adventurous nature of the careers of Saint Laurent and Halston from works of their mind and hand. Their exhibits look dynamic and conform to the ways of modern fashion despite them being more than two decades old.

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