Write a 7 page essay on Against Affirmative Action in College Admissions.

According to Yeakey and Henderson the implementation of affirmative action in higher education was meant to increase the number of minority students accessing a college education (725-726). However, according to Professor John Fobanjong, the use of race preferential policies within selective schools issignificantly expanding the racial divide as opposed to narrowing it (2). As a result, in regards to higher education, affirmative action creates more detrimental effects than positive outcomes. therefore, these policies should not be incorporated into the admission process.

According to Dr.Jamillah Moore, affirmative action should not be framed as a policy that is primarily geared towards discriminatory practices against whites or any other race (12). However, since our nation’s foundation is drenched in racial inequality, race often tends to come into the picture. Affirmative action was intended to provide opportunities, redress inequalities and improve access for the underrepresented minority groups. Education is widely believed to function as an important gateway to opportunity, andmany students aggressively compete to be accepted into the elite institutions each year. Due to the rapid increase in population, access to employment, resources, and education are quickly becoming limited necessities. Thus, when more and more students are being denied admission to lesser qualified candidates, these race

While affirmative action was initially established to ensure that fair admission practices are conducted, in order to rectify the long period of severe racial discrimination, the policy is now grossly outdated and hypocritical. According to Tim Wise, these policies fight discrimination with discrimination. By favoring one group over another based on racial preference, instead of academic achievement, universities are generating a rather extreme form of reverse discrimination (69).

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