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At the time of of its premiere, many critics called it fascinating or indecent while some branded it as a noble piece of work.

The road being a metaphor for the eternal is unchanging in the whole play. In fact, while discussing in a philosophical mood the two men exchanged jokes, laughs and tragic comments that reflected the eternal truth only.

During the conversation, Vladimir says, “In an instant all will vanish and well be alone once more, in the midst of nothingness!” As they just keep on passing time, while waiting aimlessly. The road appears to be an unknown landscape to them. They just do not recognize anything on it The comments and jokes that are the part of the rare conversation between the two brings forth the helplessness and compulsion of aimless waiting for the one who never appears. The following phrases partly summarize their irony and daydreams, while they apparently remark on their surrounding space –The road.

Estrogen asks “Well, shall we go?” and Vladimir replies “Yes, let us go”. However, they never move away from the road. They keep on passing their time while uttering remarks like “we are in hell” or “look at this muckheap” and “nothing happens.. no body comes.. no body goes.. it is awful” , on their surroundings, which is supposed to be a road. They crack jokes and do funny things at times like both men trying to hang themselves by the tree that simply is a shrub only. While this shows the tragic irony, it certainly describes the utter despair and depressive state of their mind.

There is hardly any action on the road. However, the only real action in the play is when the two characters Pozzo and Lucky appear on the road. While Lucky is half dead with the load he carries for Pozzo and the rope around his neck so tight that he is not able to breath properly, Pozzo keeps on driving him on the road with the whip. This seems to be the most interesting part

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