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Most Americans cannot afford the insurance coverage because the health care costs are high. The result is many Americans survive without the needed care that puts them at risks of various health problems. Costs for health rise as the needed treatment costs are above what would have been used to prevent the problem (Cebul 2008).

A Health indicator is a characteristic that can be measured in an individual so as describe an aspect of health. Body mass index compares the weight, relative to height and age, against the measures of a healthy weight. It helps decide if interventions are needed.

It refers to how societies compensate for the health care. The different options depend on the resources devoted on to them that eventually determine the amount and quality of care given to people. Some options may provide for the most advanced care while others compensate for basic care only.

Medicaid is a government funded program that provides health care for low income families and those with limited resources. Those eligible to be beneficiaries can be children with disabilities, pregnant women, or parents of eligible women. Individuals in difficult conditions i.e. disabled and poor, have all their entire problems taken care of. For better services in future, beneficiaries can be asked to contribute back some share later in life when they have the capability (Cebul 2008).

Increased costs of health care are due to the excess use of medical resources by patients and high costs associated charged by medics for fear of malpractice suits. The patients should be asked to take charge of their medical purchasing options.

The health care system is unsuccessful because insurance dulls peoples’ consumer instincts. When medical care tends to be cheap or free, people do not shop around for other options. People do not also think otherwise before visiting the

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