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I was impressed by different kinds of art including paintings and carvings. However, this report specifically puts more emphasis on the ‘Netsuke carvings’. The carving is about the ancient Japanese clothing where, Kimono (a Japanese garment without pockets). I was amused on how tiny personal effects like small knives were tucked into the garment’s sleeves which is made to slip below sash (obi), or kept in some hanging vessels called sagemono. It was amazing how ‘netsuke’, which sounds ‘nets-keh’, were incorporated as toggles in the garments to ensure the vessels carrying the personal effects was balanced. I learnt the ancient Japanese valued tobacco as the pouches were also part of the garment. The carvings were accurate, smooth, and all details were clearly portrayed. For instance, one could easily perceive that the hanging containers were balanced. Some objects made of wood or coral and looking like animals were kept together with the garment carvings. I learnt that the animal carvings portrayed the initial garments shapes before netsuke.

Japanese civilization is the act of the ancient Japanese leaving their traditional ways of life in terms of education, clothing, and socioeconomic activities to adopt the western kind of living. This began in the 19th century where foreigners were allowed to move to Japan to do some trade, during which the ancient Japan was under the leadership of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The western rulers forced the Japanese to enter into agreement that granted them more powers in terms of economy and law. Since all foreign offences were to be tried in the western counties, it limited the powers of the Japanese.

The Japanese adopted the western political systems where the emperor never ruled alone but accepted opinions or advice from other groups. In the ancient rule, the emperor gave direct unquestionable orders. Uniting armies from different domains and having a common training also

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