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This can result into lack of happiness as well as life enjoyment. As a human being, I have struggles with changing two behaviors, exercising irregularly and getting inadequate sleep, that are negatively affecting my life and school performance.

In this behavior modification plan my goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and getting sufficient sleep. Indeed, I believe that if I exercise more, I will be able to sleep early at night and feel better about myself. This will as well make me more confident. In order to achieve my first goal of regular exercise, I am planning to seek the assistance of a personal trainer and go to the gym three times a week. This will encourage me to keep up with practice and because I pay for sessions with my personal trainer, I will be less likely to skip or cancel classes. For my other target of getting adequate sleep, I will reduce the frequency of using my phone at night. I realized that I spend a lot of time texting and surfing the internet before sleeping.

In week one, I will use my phone for one hour before going sleep in order to dedicate enough time for sleeping. In week two, I will use my phone for 30 min before going to sleep. As for my second behavior, I will go to the gym regularly. The sub-goal for changing the second behavior is to go to the gym without canceling or skipping any session in week one. For week two, my sub-goal is to go to the gym at least three times with the personal trainer and two times by myself. I will monitor this by taking notes in my private journal app “What a Wonderful Life.” Moreover, with the help of my classmates and their feedbacks on my plan, I was able to improve my sub-goals for both behaviors as reflected in the following schedules for the first goal, which is going to the gym:

Through the week of observation, I used the private journal “What a Wonderful Life”

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