Write 3 page essay on the topic Realistic Fiction.

Through the course of his storytelling, author Kevin Henkes charts Billy’s many dilemmas as a son, a brother, a student and a child to document his emotional development and the progression of his relationship with those around him albeit in a humorous and light-hearted manner. Smart, refreshing and appealing,

the book represents the protagonist’s perspectives on life and explicates upon the nuances of the most important relationships a child shares with his parents, his teacher and his sibling.

Connections: Children’s literature focuses on enhancing the imagination of readers if the scope of the story is directed towards, regardless, of the tone of the plot the scope of this genre also extends to promoting familial values, highlighting peer relationships and focusing on the emotional and developmental aspects of the target audience during their growing years.

Melinda Sordino is raped by Andy Evans at a summer party which is organized by the high school seniors. In an attempt to ensure that Andy is prosecuted for the sexual assault Melinda calls the police to report the incident which happened at the party but overcome by a stir of emotions she escapes the scene before having a chance to speak with the police. In the meanwhile, the police report to the scene and order to end the party while, arresting some students who were present at the scene.

Melinda’s peers and friends at her new high school are unaware of her motives for calling the police and hence, ostracize her for reporting their activity. She is banished from the school community and deserted by her friends causing her to sink further into depression as those around her misinterpret her continued silence and reclusive behavior. Melinda’s true motive for calling the police finally surfaces when her attacker attempts to assault her again. Upon realizing the truth, the student body reaches out to her as she is encouraged by

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