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Further, the course of the action activity, since it is from the riots and confusions among the people, then they capitalize on these cases to foster their interests. Since the inception of the personal evaluation, procedures of the participants also indicate that the nature of the collective behavior causes the unity to be brief, lasting as long as, and their interests are not met.

The essential elements of consideration in understanding the cause and process of occurrence within the level of activity of collective action is to facilitate security. The government faces stiff challenges in understanding the various increasing elements of disorganization, absence of planning and the length of existence of the action group. Notably, most riots that occur are in effect a reason to blame the system, which continues to add to the failures of the legal platforms in meeting the needs of the people (In DeLamater & In Ward, 2013). For instance, since the legalization of freedoms of the persons and their various expectations, the people continue to suffer from elements of increased social pressure and economic instabilities, which constitute the entire political campaigns affecting the action plan. In history, there are several and varied events that occurred from elements of collective behavior to facilitate various elements of addressing the issue. An illustration for understanding the entire case of collective behavior in action is the recent happenings in London in which preceded the London sports games.

The events in London occurred as spontaneous with minimal guidance or leadership, with each of the participants holding varied reasons for participating. Thus, observing from this element it is clear that collective action does not have organized leadership. However, the various participants continue to push in the riots as some mobs and hooligans

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