Write 11 page essay on the topic Starbucks Business Strategy.

This research paper will be broadly divided into three sections which will be titled as background, analysis and conclusion. The objective of the research paper will be fulfilled in these three sections and along with that relevant conclusion will be also drawn. In the first segment, i.e. background the study seeks to highlight clear and detailed overview of pertinent information from the case and outside resources that describes the industry and the organizations and key players involved. The external sources that will be used are generally books, journal articles and authentic electronic sources. In the analysis section, the study seeks to scrutinize the course concepts and along with that identifies and discusses the main strategic issues facing the industry and organizations, such as external environment, internal situation, and strategic fit. Hence, in order to carry out this section, the study will be emphasizing on the external as well as the internal environment of the organization. In the last section of the study, the study would be highlighting the important points and will also describe about the ways the situation can be improved.

Technically, Starbucks should fall in the beverage industry, but since they also market various other food products, they are adjudged to be a part of the restaurant industry. As the economy continues to improve, a significant wave of change is being moved through the restaurant industry. This has redefined how the companies have grown operated and managed risks. The robust technological development has been the key driver for this change and has provided companies with the opportunity to explore new business techniques. The impact of technology in the US restaurant industry has also been positive as it allowed them to be more efficient and enhance the overall productivity. The US restaurant industry has emerged as one of the major industries of

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