Write 2 page essay on the topic Queer critiques of gay marriage.

In the article, the community notes that the number of homosexuals has grown despite the widespread negativity the members face.

The second article adopts an equally critical stand as it investigates the cost of achieving equality for the LGBT community. The author of the article understands the society’s skewed and skeptic approach to homosexuality despite the growing number of gays and lesbians in the society. In constructing their articles, the respective authors uphold some of the basic guidelines of writing. The make essential citations thereby enhancing the authority of the claims they make. In retrospect, the two articles are valid reports that make good arguments. Furthermore, they are good sources owing to the authors’ ability to present their facts systematically and attempt to provide evidence by citing the works appropriately.

The LGBT community in the country sought to develop a new strategic vision to help redirect their future endeavors. The new vision seeks to safeguard immense economic benefits for gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexuals in the country. The article seeks to safeguard the acceptance, respect and recognition for members of the community in every feature of the society and numerous states within the country. In justifying their new vision, the community explains a number of intricate features of the society including the diversity in families and households as the number of homosexuals grow throughout the country. The community argues that the increase in its size implies that a greater number of people continue to face economic stress. The community uses its experience and experience on the issue by analyzing official reports in coming up with the blueprint. Despite such attempts, the article lacks statistical proof of the issues it raises a feature that make it inflammatory.

The article vouches for equality for the LGBT community. The

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