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in its thriving conditions that can be triggered by dampness, impaired defenses and heat provide a productive environment that triggers their growth (Goehring, 2008). Other risk factors include restrictive clothing, poor hygiene, inflammatory diseases, suppression of immunity and altered flora by antibiotic administration (Kourkoumpetis et al., 2010)

Different types of candida exist, but majorities are caused by the Candida albicans species. The case presented by the patient is Candidiasis (moniliasis), which occurs on the skin, but commonly attacks intertriginous areas (body parts where two skin areas touch or rub together), genitals, oral mucosa and cuticles (Kauffman, 2011). Symptoms of skin infections include intense itching, red growing skin rash on skin folds and pimple-like infections of hair follicles.

Treatment for intertriginous candidiasis starts with a diagnosis by clinical appearance and examination of a sample of skin for testing (Kauffman, 2011). Intertriginous infection is commonly treated with drying agents such as burrow solution that oozes lesions and topical or oral antifungals. For extensive infections, a mixture of oral and topical antifungals can be used for better relief. Patients are also advised to ensure they take preventive measures that aim at keeping the fungal environment stable.

In conclusion, fungal infections especially among women are mostly confused with sexually transmitted diseases. One ought to differentiate between the two by establishing that such infections thrive in warm, moist and sweaty conditions that are presented in the event friction occurs when skin parts rub or touch each other.

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