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Prior to the study conclusion and business recommendation, the forecasted sales on behalf of Apple and Vodafone will be discussed.

Apple’s iPhone is considered as one of the fastest-selling telecommunications product as part of the history. (news.com.au, 2007) In line with the different countries with the legal right to sell iPhone,

Apple had chosen a single phone network to exclusively provide the service for the iPhone handset.

During the first quarter of 2008, Apple made a confirmation that iPhone will be released in Australian market within the year. (Lake, 2008) Recently, Vodafone has announced that the company will be selling Apple’s iPhone to customers all over Australia during the last quarter of the year with the condition that customers will be required to use the Vodafone network. (Vodafone, 2008a & 2008b) However, Vodafone did not specify whether the said agreement that was signed between the company and Apple was exclusive or not. (Moses, 2008) In case the contract between Vodafone and Apple was not exclusive, there is a possibility for Telstra and Optus to have the priviledge of selling the iPhone to Australian market.

As part of Apple’s main business objective, signing a contract with a single phone network in each of its target country will enable Apple to sell a large quantity of iPhone within the shortest period of time. For this study, the researcher will develop a marketing plan for Apple iPhone in Australia. In the process of conducting the study, the researcher will first describe the product followed by studing the market segmentation for iPhone.

Based on the demographic profile of its target consumers, the researcher will define the potential market size for the said product. Using the PESTLE framework, the researcher will examing and analyze the external factors that may affect the

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