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In these lines Falstaff made a link between honor and physical coercions. The message he wanted to convey was that people indulge in a particular way because they are motivated due to the motivational factor of honor. He said that honor has harmful physical consequences for the person who is being motivated by honor. He states that he might indulge in war to respect his honor but this can cause serious harm to him and can even become a cause of his death. He says that when an individual is harmed during a war in which an individual is indulged due to honor, the aspect of honor becomes a waste and is useless. This is because honor cannot heal him or cannot cure his injuries. He believes and compares honor to air that an individual exhales when he/she is involved in saying a particular word. By this he means that honor is short lived and the life of honor is as small as the air that when has exhaled while saying a word. He further adds that honor is something that an individual receives when he/she is dead and he/she cannot enjoy honor after death. By this Falstaff meant that people honor only those warriors who have lost their life in battlefield and those who remain alive are not honored. These words were spoken by Falstaff towards the end of the Act and the specific purpose of these words was to motivate people to refrain from indulging in war and fighting with each other on the basis of honor. These words are contrary to the values and morals that the entire Act or literary work of William Shakespeare was promoting.

I disagree with the statement that Falstaff has made on the grounds that honor is something that we all should live for and abide by. If we will not operate with the objective of being honored by others, our lives will be worthless because we human beings are motivated to perform an action in order to develop a positive image of our self in the eyes of

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