Write a 8 page essay on Case Study.

The primary aim shall be focused on the critical health issues affecting the ABC’s (airway, breathing and circulation) of life, where wellness shall be promoted, discomfort be alleviated and complications be prevented with in the duration of her stay inside the hospital. As part of a nurse’s care, an effective well comprehended discharge plan shall be discussed both to the patient’s daughter as well as the patient herself for home treatment. O

ne of the most important tasks that a nurse assumes in the medical industry is to make sure that the patient shows optimum if not maximum health conditions prior to discharge. It also her duty to provide health education unto the patient and the patients significant others for a thorough out patient care, one that is understood by both in terms of semantics, relevance and importance so as to be religiously followed.

Admitted to my ward 3 days post surgery, 77 years old Patient Tee is currently in 2 litres oxygen therapy with 99% saturation via nasal prong. Chest x-ray indicates that the lower lobe of the lung has collapsed with a sputum microscopy that revealed a few gram positive Vancomycin resistant enterococcus. The patient also suffers from dysphagia characterized by post swallowing cough as well as dysphonia. Physical mobility is likewise restricted possibly due to fatigue and or fear of pain. While patients pre-hospitalization history already reveals poor nutrition, as verified by her daughter’s statement that the patient refuses to eat her meals, this is much heightened with the presence of dysphagia (Medline and Mayo clinic home page. 2006). The patient’s micro culture and sensitivity results tested positive on Enterococcus species, although there is no sign of elevated temperature as of the moment.

The initial focused assessment that shall be made by interviewing patient Tee’s of her present condition in order to gather information related to how

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