Write a 4 page essay on Case Study: Starbucks Structure.

Starbucks went public in 1992 and it had grown tenfold by 1997 with multiple locations in the U.S, Singapore and Japan(Garza, 2012).

For one to work at Starbucks, there are various characteristics that the individual should possess. Starbucks is a brand leader and as such, employees working for the company should be best suited for the positions (Starbucks, 2014). The job description at Starbucks is highly dictated by the company’s mission statement. Employees should first possess the drive to sees the attainment of the company’s mission. Working at Starbucks is different from working at any other job. Starbucks employees are required to create genuine moments of connection with customers and thus making a difference in their day. An individual aspiring to work in a Starbucks store should be willing to build relationships with customers and know their favorite drinks(Starbucks, 2014). The good relationship should also be nurtured between fellow partners and employees. Employees should carry with them the Starbucks spirit outside the store by offering volunteer opportunities being good to the community in a bid of giving back to the community Starbucks is part of. Starbucks employees are expected to deal with conflict resolution in a professional manner. In the daily routine, the employees should deal with conflict from such issues as an angry customer or fellow coworker(Starbucks, 2014).

Starbucks should departmentalization by customers in its stores. With such departmentalization, Starbucks can specialize on service delivery based on customer differences. Departmentalization by customers allows the company to deliver its products and services to divergent customers in a special manner creating unique experiences on a daily basis. This form of departmentalization is best suited for the company as it allows the optimization of services to every customer each with unique purchasing

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