Compose a 2000 words essay on Annual advertising and public relations programme. Needs to be plagiarism free!

If we talk about the major benefits of developing and executing an advertising campaign for a company, we come to know that there are various benefits that a company can achieve by implementing a well-structured and strategic advertising plan related to its products and services. Mckenna (1991) states,

“When you own a market, you lead the market”. Some of the benefits include achievement of market dominance, communicating a change in the product line, increase in the market share, competitive edge, market penetration, seasonal promotions, and increased awareness among the people about the products and services being provided by the company.

The name of the company is Car World and it is a well-established company belonging to the automobile industry of Oman. Car World deals with manufacturing and distribution of local cars. Some types of the vehicles, which the company manufactures, include mini trucks, family vans, and trucks. American Motor Corporation (AMC), which is an American automobile company, carries out some of the key manufacturing processes of the Car World’s cars.

The product for which I am going to develop the advertising plan is Salome Family Van. Salome van is a new product manufactured by the Car World in collaboration with AMC. Salome van is a 7-seater vehicle, which is an economical car for the large families. People should buy this car because of its cost-effective price, beautiful shape, and capacity to hold a large number of people at a time. This car consumes very less amount of fuel as compared to other competitors such as Raxel Motors and Raymon Cars. The market share of the cars manufactured by the Car World is 35% in 1300cc engines, which is a good market share in the automobile industry of Oman.

Kayne (n.d.) states, “Marketing strategies differ depending on the product, target market and

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