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The solon business can manage to allure and create a large customer base. Many of our esteemed customers come from far distance to enjoy the services. In this regard, the salon management have opted to embrace change as far as our brand, services, products, activities are concerned. It is the ambitions of owners to serve the entire city of London, demand from clients, and procurement of professional beauticians that made the management embrace the transition and venture into mobile beauty.

Two ladies own the venture. Jane Sever and Susan Comb. The two together one gentlemen form the management team of walking beauty salon. The salon’s premises are located in the Baker Street on the south side. Walking beauty has talented and qualified team of beauticians. Also, the management team has personnel qualified in the field of hairdressing and beauty. With a new venture and strategies in place, the walking beauty expects a growing reputation to attract new customers and other beauticians into the new venture. To shift to mobile beauty operation and achieve the set goal, walking beauty seeks a loan to finance the new venture sufficiently. The loan will be serviced from the cash-inflow of the business. The loan will also be collateralized by the firms assets and backed by the personal guarantees, experience and character of the management.

The firm needs new and more assets to transform the firms ways of operation. The firm will require start-up capital for leasehold, assets, maintenance and improvements in to start a new operation. The requirements to start the operation are legal fees, premises deposits, van, dryers, large mirror, two sided mirror, assorted brushes and combs, electric razors, pairs of scissors, computer, printer and spray bottle. The depreciation of long-term assets will be based on a straight line method.


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