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Students will become more self-aware. This self-awareness will heighten their awareness of the surroundings also. This knowledge will help them detect and recognize evidence of bullying. It will also help them differentiate it from other arguments.

Students will become more aware of how their thoughts or feelings can influence or change their behaviors.

Being able to recognize patterns of bullying will make them mentally mature and behaviourally more capable of saying no to bullying people.

Students will be asked to categorize their feelings or thoughts into positive and negative in association with a bullying pattern noticed by them. Feelings will be categorized differently for each pattern noticed.

Students will understand that relationships based on trust and communication serve as a key to address bullying issues. It is the lack of trust which prevents victims from communicating or reporting bullying to adults. Students will be trained to efficiently report to caring adults.

Mock staff rooms will be set up in the corners of each classroom. Students will be divided in to two groups. One group will imitate the staff and students from other group will pretend to be victims of bullying. This pretend play will encourage students to practice trusting the staff.

One important activity which will help students improve self-concept and self-esteem is to accentuate the positive. For this purpose, students will be divided into groups of four and focus will be concentrated by each group on one member. Rest of group members will have to identify one positive thing about that student’s behavior.

Mental wellbeing is essential to prevent bullying as vulnerable people are easy targets. Students will be made to sit in a circle at the end of the school day in the classroom. Every student will tell one good thing he/she has learned in that day about

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