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These reports are majorly based and founded typically on psychological insights.

A real campaign regularly assists brands in avoid commoditization the pressure of competing with the only the only price. Goodwill and loyalty are increased and encouraging buying of across more items within the umbrella brand. Finding of the relevant secret message behind the brand is not easy to be found broadly, and its productions will be done well. The database used in the report is the document-oriented and public domain. The validity found in the assessment of the presented reports revealed that in the campaign, there is a production of the metrics needed by the end user so that the campaign will be well understood (Belch, 2004).

In document-oriented database format, the campaigns in most circumstances, store and retrieve their information on the computer. Compared to a relational database, text-oriented has a bigger difference. The encoding of some information that is readable to the user through the sense of English is a central concept of this database. In the other perspective, public domain uses a principal that the information available can be used by anyone in any form and for the user’s desired purpose (Belch, 2004). Complying with relevant rules is a requirement for the proper attribution of the author.

Along these reports, there are some disadvantages. The operation of sending out the unidirectional message to the entire audience at the same time through general advertising and sustainability advertising is created. Ability to connect with a consumer and the changes for the response incurred is somehow limited. From this connection inability, generation of feedback relationships and cooperation to the consumers is also disadvantaged. Another challenge faced in these reports is the complexity of the risk message that needs

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