Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Reflective Cover Letter.

It is a great pleasure that you will be convinced of my improvement in the use of rhetoric techniques, structure of essays, brainstorming varied ideas to support claims and communicating with the academic audience, as well as, making use of instructor feedback.

It is evidently that writing has always been an idea that I really enjoyed from the first quarter given that English is my first language whether it was informational, essay or creative. It was my pleasure to learn that I had the ability to take English during my first year of college though I knew the assignments would be difficult. However, that was not the case as they appeared to be interesting, as a result of, the engaging topics. The best of work during the semester I have a great feeling were in the pieces assigned as: Shelter problem for cats and identifying situations to help the community. The first essay entailed a persuasive and analytical essay that focused on the identification of the subject matter and persuaded the audience of the problem and the recommended solutions. The latter entailed an informative and creative essay that gauged the writer’s skills in making well-structured arguments supported by valid evidence.

I had a hard time in beginning these two tasks, however, with more reading materials from the tutor it was more exciting, and I was unable to stop once started. I felt that with the two essays my voice was evidently able to come through with meeting the requirements of the learning outcomes. The tutor introduced the aspect of drafting the progress of the essays and submitting them for corrections. Such an aspect enabled me to run spell checks and fixing typos. However, this quarter I am much into the understanding of the necessity of drafts. With my first trials during the beginning of the semester regarding these two essays it appears that I had no clear thesis, the paragraphs were

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