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The purpose of the empirical study is to analyze the data and to know and explore more. It also helps to get to know how the movement of data is from one dimension to another either when answering or when asking questions (Leslie 56)

Lonergan is the founder of the cognition theory which helps us to understand three things. What am I doing when I am knowing, which is the cognitional and psychological question. The other one is why is doing that knowing, which is an epistemological question. And the last one which is what I know when I am knowing, which is a metaphysical question. Those are the three that make the cognitional theory. They are all dependent and none is independent on itself. Epistemology depends on cognitional theory and metaphysics depends on epistemology. Lonergan comes up with the procedure that deals with the empirical variation and names it generalized empirical method. The generalized empirical method deals with the human awareness. It deals with the formation of the mind and how it is able to think based on understanding, questioning and formulating and the making of judgment. The general empirical deals with the consciousness of the data and the empirical method goes for the data that is the data of the sense. The data that we are toking about in the human sense is different from the data that is found in the natural sciences. Epistemology asks for the answer to the question. The generalized empirical method helps to come up with the lonergan’s philosophy of knowing (Leslie 164).

Francis Beacon from England tried to review how the human mind at its normal state is overcome by ignorance and self-deception. He discovers that the mind should not be left to be at its natural mode. He tries to reason empirically. When it comes to science most of the people are advised to always ask questions on what they think. The scientists are advised to think and take the

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