Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Technology Professional Growth part 2.

Social trends must be considered in this approach and the disadvantages associated with the web. I posit that incorporation of web technology in education is a step towards improving the means of concentrating on the acquisition of new information, towards different objectives.

The use of technology in the society is highly linked to the actions of the young. The youth are more engaged in the use of technology, specifically IT based, and though the main use lies in entertainment, more can be done to increase its use in education and leadership. The utilization of mobile phones and computers to access information on the web is increasing with each new day and the engagement of institutions such as commerce towards communicating important details. The education sector has been influenced through means such as educational podcast, videos, blogs, and websites among others, but more must be done. Higher learning institutions have engaged in the development of platforms through which students may interact with their tutors in shared information, yet there are means by which the education and leadership education programs can be boosted by the use of web technology.

The initial step involved in the program is the analysis of the project scope. An analysis of the possible beneficiaries of the program is essential towards justification of the project. The project must have a target audience, and a survey is the research methodology that can be used to establish the efficiency by which the project will operate. Assessment of the ICT and IT structures and use is needed to validate the incorporation of an interactive scholarly system that does not necessarily depend on the use of computers. In this survey, the use of mobile telephones is instrumental, as the aim of the approach is to get education to the student on a personal level (West 2012). The

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