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Applying the Axis I-V diagnoses, the husband’s condition can be adequately diagnosed as an effect or symptom resulting from an Axis I disorder, more specifically, an anxiety disorder-stress-not specifically specified (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). However, for this case, the husband may be experiencing erectile dysfunction as a result of work-related stress because,

according to his spouse, he was apparently fired from work because of watching pornography. Additionally, the husband may be experiencing stress as a result of his academic commitments.

According to DSM-IV-TR classification, erectile dysfunction (disorder)-the recurrent or persistent inability for a male to erect or be able to maintain an adequate, continuous erection-is classified as an arousal disorder. It causes interpersonal difficulty, anxiety, and distress. DSM-IV-TR codes the husband’s condition as a 607.84 Male Erectile Disorder resulting from psychological conditions including stress, and anxiety (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). This disorder is not as a result of a medical condition or any physiological effects resulting from a medication or drug abuse. Despite being attributed to Axis I disorders such as stress and anxiety, it may not be the case in many scenarios. This is because, in some instances, male erectile dysfunction can be attributed to factors such as guilt, indifference, or physical conditions such as problems with nerves or blood vessels (Hersen & Beidel, 2012).

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, I will need to know, from the client-the husband and the wife-when the erectile dysfunction began. I would want to know how they handled the situation when it happened, especially, the wife. Did she think less of her husband? Did she encourage him? I will need the husband to explain why he watches pornographic

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