Write a 4 page essay on Policing and justice in the United Arab Emirates.

People in this region are mostly Arabs and belong to the (Muslim) Sunni religion. (Bureau of Democracy) States that United Arab Emirates is a combination of seven emirates. United Arab Emirates population is about 3.8 million people. About 17 percent of the whole population is citizens while the rest are temporary citizens.

Its rulers form the federal supreme council, highest legislature and the executive. This is the same council that chooses the president and the vice president form within the council. The president then appoints his prime minister and the cabinet.

Originally, the rule in the emirates was mainly patriarchal to mean that political power was mainly laid in the loyalty to their very own, i.e. tribal leaders, leaders in each individual emirate and the leaders of the federation. They do not practice democracy in their elections because they do not have any. They do not have political parties either. Citizens communicate with their leaders through the mechanisms that have been established called the majlis. The Federal National Council (FNC) is a consultative body that has 40 advisors. There has been a report that the government does not respect human rights for example, the civilians have no right to change the government, they have some laws that undermine human rights, workers are abused, trafficking of women and children, discrimination of non citizens, corruption and there is no transparency in the government. Some of these problems are being addressed by the government like human trafficking.

Their police and criminal justice system is under the Ministry of Interior. This ministry is in charge of maintaining law and order and also is involved in the public security. This ministry has an efficient police force which is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, investigating crime and also preventing crime from taking

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