Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Developing leadership.

An effective leader knows how to handle members of the group. I am highly inspired by the leadership skills portrayed by these charismatic and dedicated leaders. I strive to be like them.

Progress and self-improvement can only be measured by the goals and objectives an individual sets. Therefore, to develop my leadership skills, and to improve on my weaknesses, I had clear goals that I hoped to achieve by the end of the course. Character coupled with efficient complementary skills is essential for one to be an extraordinary leader (Reeves, 1991). Therefore, knowing clearly that I lack in complementary skills such as communication skills, it become a goal to be achieved. I also set to acquire the ability of evaluating the strength of team members. The skill is important as it will make it easier for me to establish the strength and weaknesses of the members. Therefore, enabling me to effectively allocate duties and seek guidance from the right person. It is one way of ensuring that the entire team participating in a project contributes practical and productive information (Zenger & Folkman, 2012). I was also hoping to be a better team player and develop the ability to think independently by the end of the course.

My key competencies are in character, interpersonal skills and personal capability. After self-assessment of competencies, I have found that although I display high levels of honesty and integrity. I motivate and inspire team members to perform and knowledgeable in my tasks. I am also exceptionally good in general repair work and have led teams in social initiatives that involved renovating houses in poor neighborhoods on volunteer basis. Sadly, character and proficiency in repair works are not sufficient tools for modeling an extraordinary leader. A leader who only develops what he does well, gains only by simple incremental development

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