Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Seven basic worldview questions:.

In particular, one of the definitions claims that “spirituality is a personal search for meaning and purpose in life, which may or may not be related to religion” (as cited in Reinert & Koenig, 2013, p. 2623). However, this understanding complicates the use of this concept in particular in psychology as there are patients that suffer from the lack of a sense of life caused as a result of depression and other psychological problems. In fact, this does not mean that they do not have spirituality. In this respect, modern health care and medicine consider spirituality in its close connection with the religious consciousness of man. It allows one to see that “spirituality is distinguished from other things – humanism, values, morals and mental health – by its connection to the transcendent” (Reinert & Koenig, 2013). The value of this definition is extremely important not only in the social, philosophical and religious context. Its value is extremely important in modern medical practice allowing physicians to regard the human soul as a source of spirituality.

The issue of prime reality that determines the nature of the world around us is extremely important. In this regard, one can define two main approaches, namely, materialism and idealism. The first approach considers prime reality in the form of physical bodies and things for “the central premise of Materialism is that only matter is real (materialistic monism)” (Uebersax, 2013). In turn, idealism focuses on the spiritual nature of the reality of the human world. Everyone has the opportunity to choose for him/herself the approach that is consistent with his/her own basic ideas about the world. Religious people believe that prime reality is presented by God who embodies the universal spirituality.

One can define several definitions of the human person presented in philosophy, religion, and

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