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The dish is a blend of the American tradition and the Chinese heritage. This made her celebrate her mixed culture, despite her white complexion. She describes her identity, as ‘My very existence is a mark of progress and a symbol of my country’. Cultural diversity appreciation creates a sense of pride and personal belonging.

Cultural diversity in America as presented by Fong in her article presents different pros and cons. The demise of Fong’s grandmother is a reminder of the cultural appreciation that the family embraced especially through the ‘Thanksgiving dish’. The dish was so special in integrating the American tradition and the Chinese heritage, Fong and her cousins always enjoyed the dish and the meal was a true source of their heritage, she describes it as ‘the feast she prepared was always much larger’. The Thanksgiving acted as a reminder of the grandmother’s eleven grandchildren who would gather for the feast. The thanksgiving feast reminded Fong of the grandmother’s delicacy and not other common American traditional beliefs and practices. Fong’s description of her mixed racial affiliation depicts her belonging. She describes herself, as ‘I’m half Asian, half Anglo and completely American’. Despite the earlier discrimination against cultural affiliations, the picture has continued to change. The current crop of people has come to a point of celebrating cultural diversity and has been viewed positively especially, because of what the young generation has been able to learn in school. The government could rarely provide for people of mixed cultures but now the picture appears different. Fong could always indicate that she was Asian despite her mixed affiliations. Full embrace of Chinese culture is something that never came to happen for Fong. The fact that her grandmother never taught her father the Cantonese language, ate using

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