Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Listening activity.

Specifically, I noted that the ability to engage and provide active participation and listening within calculus class was the most difficult of all that had been measured. This does not come as much of a surprise due to the fact that calculus itself is one of the least engaging subjects that I currently engages within this semester. However, when it came to developing a key theme or rational for what topics were distracting or in what way the participant was ultimately led astray of the main topic, the fact was that there was no solitary reason. Instead, the fact that was analyzed centered upon the fact that merely because the subject matter was dry, it was ultimately easier to simply zone out and choose not to engage with the given topic or discussion that may have otherwise been taking place within the classroom.

Once a clear determination has been made with regards to what subjects and/or topics provide the greatest level of “zone outs”, the reasonable question for the author to consider must then become – in what ways would it be possible to effect a positive change on these negative habits. Naturally, the first answer to such a question is simplistic and states merely – “pay attention”. However, the fact of the matter is that paying attention and not zoning out is merely a byproduct of a series of mental choices (Hamouda 5). Therefore, instead of merely stating that the byproduct itself should be avoided, the better point of attack would be to seek to understand and minimize the thought processes that ultimately lead to zoning out or lack of attention.

As the analysis that has been performed illustrated, the main determinants to this byproduct were the inherent personal understanding that the subject matter is boring, rather useless in the grand scheme of things, and overly laborious. As a means of combating such a point of view, the better

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