Write a 4 page essay on Week4A4.

Confidentiality will allow the authorized user to access the company information. Integrity will allow the safe transmission of data and information from the sender to the receiver. In this business scenario, the focus is on safe relay of company information such as emails and safe consumer transaction over the internet such as online purchases. Availability deals with the timely and secure access of requested information to the company and customer (Habiyaremye, 2011).

All these three components are interlinked together in a system. Systems are vulnerable to threats and vulnerabilities. A vulnerability is defined as a weakness in the system which is not necessarily known by the user and the attacker. A threat is a possible attack directed to the system. However, the system is not necessarily vulnerable. Our website will be made invulnerable to threats through preventive measures that will be provided below.

Because a system cannot be 100% secure, we anticipate building a security system that will address all the security issues as and guarantee safe transaction. In order to attain this, we categorise security features into four and deal with them separately.

A standard client server model contains three components. the server system, the network and the client system. In order to secure the transaction between the client and the business, we are going to use the firewall in our internal systems.

A firewall is a combination of softwares and hardwares that allow only external trusted users to bypass a protected network. By installing a firewall, unwanted users and programmes are prevented from accessing the system. We shall employ demilitarized zone technology using two firewalls, the outer and the inner firewall. The outer firewall will contain open ports that will allow incoming and outgoing HTTP requests. The shoppers browser will thus be allowed to communicate

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