Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses MAKING HEALTH CARE SAFE.

Using of computers and other communication devices like tablets is gaining popularity in recording vital information on diagnosis, prescription and general recovery progress of the patient. This is equally important in helping healthcare officer to communicate and exchange ideas on the most appropriate ways to minimize mistakes on patient care. Use of modern technology in observing the various changes in patient condition like pulse rate, blood pressure among others have helped reduce cases of misdiagnosis and improve the speed, timeliness and accuracy of patient charting.

In the next 10 years there is a brighter future in health system safety and technology as far as patient care and elimination of errors are concerned. Nursing practice is likely to shift much dependence on informatics as an integral part of the quality healthcare improvement policy. This means that as a nurse, one will have to emphasize on the recording and analysis of data concerning the health history of the patient for sound decision making when it comes to critical situations. Communication techniques is likely to take Centre stage in the future nursing practice as this is critical in reducing widespread cases of mistakes that have cost patients their lives in the hands of healthcare providers. There is an increasing training of nurses on how to collect data and record electronically for use in analysis the progress of the patient towards recovery so that interventionary decisions may be done with accuracy and precision. Reliance on data and information will improve co-ordination of various healthcare provision activities which sets stage for an increased technology based nursing practices.

The assertion of Gibson and Singh concerning the improved application of informatics in the current healthcare provision holds. The cases of mistakes when caring for the patients

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