Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Report assisting a client in a career choice.

Following is a report of the interview that was carried out in response to his order.

The main aim of this interview was to help the client follow the correct path in developing his career. The report covers a large scope including his personality and skills suitability, alternatives available to him, the constraint which may deter him from achieving his career and the value that the client would like to obtain from the choice of his career. Sources of the information that were used in giving advice to the client embody records of previous works with some of our clients, career books, and other web sites that cover issues on career alternatives. The report covers the information obtained from the client through an interview, opportunities available for the client, a recommendation of the best choice for him and a conclusion.

The interview I carried out with the client was designed with the aim of enquiring on the issues he wanted tackled. The client explained that he needed the help of the firm in developing the correct path for his career. He explained that he needed to have a good understanding on the best career that suited him, the pay and how he could possibly develop it to greater heights. The client is an 18 year old, Black-American boy whose parents do no have access to unaffordable counseling service. He is an 11th grader learning at an English high school in a traditionally advantaged area. The school is dominated by white teachers. The client’s language preference is English with French as a second choice. He is the only child from his family. His parents were divorced and now both married. He has a half sister and three half brothers who are all younger than him. His father is self trained auto-mechanic who runs an own business from his house. His mother, a ninth grader, works as a housekeeper in a white’s home.

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