Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Movie analysis of the TV Movie Bonanza.

Most of all, it was a time when Americans were not quite settled with members outside of their race, including, but not limited to the Chinese.

Second, we will, next, take a look at the place where “Bonanza” had taken place, in Virginia City, Nevada. The scenes were set on the Nevada Ranch territory.

Ben Cartwright, himself, was a wealthy rancher who owned a 600,000-acre ranch, the largest in the territory. However, despite his riches, he never forgot how he started, where he came from and that he needed to help others struggling along the way.

One of the values that Ben Cartwright strived to instill in the audience of the movie of “Bonanza” is brotherly love, whether it was through their father, Ben Cartwright, through his sons, Adam, Eric ‘Hoss’ and Joseph ‘Little Joe’, or another neighbor in the community. Ben Cartwright prided himself on being a Christian, and, also, the fact that he was enable to instill in his sons the right way to live and to treat others.

Another value that Ben Cartwright strived to instill in the viewers of “Bonanza” was neighborly love. He was always willing to help out another neighbor in need or if they needed his advice. Ben Cartwright also taught his sons how to “stick” together as a family, and, in turn, his sons reached out to other members of the community in the same capacity. The Cartwrights always “stuck” together as a family, no matter what, and tried to help each other through the rough times.

Victor Sen Hung played the role of Hop Sing, the Cartwrights’ family cook. Now, while most people might have viewed the role of the family’s cook as subservient, Hung’s role of Hop Sing was incorporated into the Cartwrights’ television family because, not only did the Cartwrights view Sing as their cook, but they also viewed him as their friend.

The Cartwrights included

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