Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Paper 2.

Brecht describes epic theatre as a form of drama and a methodological approach to the creation of the plays where, “Its qualities of clear description and reporting and its use of choruses and projections as a means of commentary earned it the name ‘epic’” (Brecht and Willet 121). Moreover Brecht believed that, “It is most important that one of the main features of the ordinary theatre should be excluded from [epic theatre]: the engendering of illusion” (Worthen 396). Hence he uses drama as a mode of unveiling the bitter truths about human nature, life in general and the socio-political behavior of human beings. “Mother Courage and Her Children” is set in the time of 17 century during the Thirty Years War. The Play is an intriguing tale of a mother who loses her three children because of the war though the play is an indirect comment on the time of Nazi Regime. Brecht believed that drama should be used to enlighten the readers about the reality rather than it being used as a mode of escape therefore he portrays the grotesqueness of war and inhumane side of human beings so that the readers would realize the extent of deterioration that has occurred. For example in the Mother Courage right after her daughter’s death says, “I hope I can pull the wagon by myself. Yes, Ill manage, theres not much in it now. I must get back into business” (70). This line is a cruel projection of the height of selfishness that has replaced human emotions because of the war. Then again there is a constant oscillation between Mother Courage’s love and hatred for war where at one place she condemns it because she is unable to gain profit while at other times she loves it because it helps her earn a living as she says, “I wont let you spoil my war for me. Destroys the weak, does it? Well, what does peace do forem, huh? War feeds its people better” (58). Although Brecht borrows some of the

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