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The reason given by her is just the mask for her to hide her true feelings of her inner world. Bertha represents the position of women in the Victorian Era, the male dominated society, and how marriage imprisons women. Jane articulates, what happen to Bertha can happen to her as well in view of Rochester’s higher social status and the proprietary feelings he has for her. T

he societal sanctions against women in the Victorian Era were strange. Charlotte Bronte argues “Conventionality is not morality.” As per the conventions governing the society, women had to be submissive to the dictates of men. For the sake of love of marrying Jane, Mr. Rochester had no hesitation in coming out of the established marriage conventions. But for Jane’s refusal, he would have continued to live with her, leaving Bertha to her fate. He is not at all feeling guilty about his double standards. Whereas, Jane is sincere to her feelings and is not willing to break the societal conventions for the sake of her selfishness though conventions are not morally right in many situations.

Jane arrives at Gateshead Hall, the place in which she spent her miserable childhood. Mrs. Reed is at the terminating stage of her life, extremely sick and bedridden. She speaks incoherently and murmurs that Jane has been a frightening child with extreme disposition to naughtiness. As she broods over the past and how she had treated Jane, a feeling of remorse engulfs her inner world. She deeply repents what she did about Jane which affected her future. Three years ago she candidly admitted that she had received a communication from Janes uncle, John Eyre. He desired to adopt Jane with a view to make her his inheritor. Maliciously, Mrs. Reed did not reveal the contents of that communique to anyone and sent a reply that Jane had met with her death at Lowood down with fever. The relation

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