can i get brief solution for this problem how we calculate this

rose healing facility has two administration divisions like building administration and nourishment administrations and three patients mind units like escalated ,mind medical procedure and general pharmaceutical .building administrations gives janitorial support and designing administration and in addition space like utilities , deterioration ,protection and assessments… to every one of the divisions and patient care units ..sustenance administrations gives suppers to the two patients and staff individuals it works a cafeteria and serves dinners to patients in their rooms ..building administrations expenses of 6$ million are apportioned in light of area and nourishment benefit expenses of 3$millions are distributed in light of number of suppers served .the accompanying two tables condensed the yearly expenses of the two administrations office and usage of each administration office by different offices 

building administration sustenance benefit $6.0

food service is $3.0

total overhead $9.0

food service first millions

food service $0.09 intensive care $0.09 surgery $2.52 general medicine

building: 0.088 1.83 3.59

total :0.97 $1.92 6.11

here my questions are :

1.allocate the two administrations office expenses to the three patients mind units utilizing the immediate technique for designating administration division costs 

2.same as section An aside from utilize the progression down distribution technique with building administrations as the primary administration office allotted 

3.short note on non specialized notice to administration clarification why the aggregate of the two administration division costs assigned to every patient care unit to some extent (b) vary from the total of the expenses registered utilizing the progression down technique beginning with sustenance benefit

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