For this assignment I need a speech based around at least one quotation to inform your audience more about you by telling stories, talking about important people in your life, or providing insight to your personality or who you want to become. 

Quotation Directions: Find between 1 and 3 quotes that each meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Reminds you of a moment in your lifer or a lesson you have learned. Tell a story that demonstrates how you connect to that quote based on your own experience.
  • Inspires you in some way or reminds you of someone who inspires you. Explain why you find the quote inspirational or explain why this reminds you of the person who inspires you and why they are an inspiration to you. 
  • Explains who you are or who you want to be. Specifically explain or give a story that makes clear how this quote describes you or how it applies to goals you have. 

Delivery Time: 2-3 minutes

Outline: Outline should follow correct outline template as provided. Introduction, conclusion, transitions, and quotations should be written word-for-word on outline, but supporting points of the body should be limited to key words only. A rough draft of your outline will be submitted on Sakai by the outline due date for feedback and grading. A final copy of your outline should be turned in the day of the speech. If revisions are clearly made, any points lost on rough draft may be earned back. Final drafts of outlines showing no revisions will be subject to a further 3 point deduction on the outline grade. 

Note cards: Students will be permitted to use 1-2 note cards for this speech. Cards should have fewer words than what is written on your outline. Cards should not have intro, conclusion, or transitions written word-for-word. These should be condensed to key words. Quotations should be written word-for-word on the note cards. 

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