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This was followed by the creation of Combination Stores that were not merely Cookie Selling Stores but also offered a wide range of other bakery products like Croissants, Bread, Hot Soups and sandwiches etc that were all being sold initially under the brand name of La Petite Boulangerie separately that had now been purchased by the Fields’. M

oreover, these were not only store outlets but were sit-down cafes as well.

The Field’s took these actions because they wanted to expand on their existing business. They were afraid that their name was well established in the present times but this may not be persistent and the monotony in their products and sales outlets may lead to the drifting away of their trusted customers as well.

Since they were earning stable benefits and all their business processes were running smoothly Mr. Field thought that the merging of one or more companies into their existing setup would bring the well hailed boost to their product line. Mr. Field was primarily eyeing the revenue that he expected would be generated when the merger of the purchased companies would eventually be complete.

Mr. Field was foreseeing the purchasing over even more new stores as a result of the revenue he expected to earn after this practical merger. His main motive was that he will have enough profits to make future payments by them. The demographical strength of the fields’ store, he thought would not effect any slight fluctuations in the economy that might take place during the transitional process of incorporating new companies and earning profits for the further new companies that were expected to be added to the combinational Stores’ Chain.

Being an LPB store manager I wouldn’t be the happiest person on Earth. The company thatwas managed by me was being sold to another owner and rather than being downsized. Thus the

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