Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Do gay athletes affect sports.

In connection to this, the objective of this paper is therefore to find out how gay athletes affect sports.

In order to understand how gay athletes affect sports, I am going to use three sources. Rethinking Homophobia in Sports: Legal Protections for gays and lesbian athletes by Anne Gregory. This article is relevant to this study because it looks at how the law protects gay athletes. For example, it looks at what are the consequences for those who will be found to be intimidating gay athletes. The article is divided into two parts. part 1 looks at the causes of homophobia in sports. While part 2, looks at the legal protections for gays and lesbian athletes.

The second article that I will use is the ESPN magazine, which was published in 2013. The magazine conducted a survey on N.F.L players, to find out how many people would agree to have a gay team mate. Therefore, this magazine is very relevant to this study because it shows how players perceive their team mates based on sexuality.

The third article is the New York Times magazine, which was published on 18th March, 2013. The article shows what N.F.L top management, has been doing to cope up with the increasing number of gay athletes in its team.

Goessling, Ben. “86 % ok with gay team mate”. ESPN magazine. 14 February, 2014. Web. 28 February, 2014. &lt.

The ESPN magazine carried out a survey on NTFL players and found out that 86 % of them would accept a gay team mate. According to the source, the players did not see how, the sexuality of their team mate would affect their play.

Batista, Judy. “N.F.L. Is Pressured on Issues of Gay Rights”. The New York Times. 18 March, 2013. &lt. http:// &gt.


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