Write a 2 page essay on Quality improvement program.

Normally, not all outpatient clinics are required to pass the Joint Commission Requirements for quality. nevertheless, VSA is necessitated to. Since the time of its launch where it first developed its quality control program until today, the Virginia Surgical Associates remains serious about meeting all Joint Commission Requirements such as the Environment of Care, which pertains to how safe, functional and efficient the environment for patients, staff, and other individuals is in the organization. Infection Prevention and Control: how well the clinic is able to lower down the risk of surgical patients acquiring infection. Rights of Individual, which evaluates the establishment of informed consent, participation in decision-making of patients, and services to respect patient’s rights, etc. (Joint Commission, 2014). But despite VSA’s strong commitment to maximize the quality of its services, it is still bending more attention to quality improvement that includes examining rates and complications and lab equipments such as ACT machine that s a point-of-care, blood clotting test used to monitor anticoagulation (Philip et al., 2008). The Virginia Surgical Associates is constantly developing its Quality Improvement Program to address these requisites.

While healthcare quality measurement is developing, there are more things to take care of. The complicated environment of the healthcare industry makes quality program monitoring and implementation a lot more difficult. It is important that in revising and monitoring quality program implementation, new quality measures are developed in order to address rising issues within the healthcare industry.

1. Type of Care and Patient Engagement. The quality of the healthcare services can be monitored by the patient engagement with respect to the types of care being administered (Mainz,

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