1. Read Sections 2.3 – 2.8 in the text before completing this assignment.
  2. View the grading criteria for this assignment.
  3. Identify a real world word problem that can be solved using a linear equation in one variable. 
  4. Use the Procedure to Solve a Word Problem (in your text on page 129) to spell a complete solution to your problem. All of the information necessary to solve the equation must be included in your problem. For examples of such problems, see your textbook. Feel free to use one of these problems as a model, but you must change names, numbers and details to make the problem your own.
  5. Be sure to clearly identify the variable (with a description of what it represents), show the initial equation, and explain your solution and final response.
  6. Here is an example posting.
  7. Example:
  8. Spring Cleaning! A carpet cleaning service charges a flat fee of $30.00 and a per room fee of $25.00. If my bill was $180 before taxes, how many rooms did I have cleaned?
  9. I am being asked to find the number of rooms that were cleaned.
  10. Let r = the number of rooms being cleaned.
  11. If r is the number of rooms being cleaned, then $25.00r would be the cost of cleaning r rooms.
  12. Flat fee + cost of cleaning r rooms = total bill                                     
  13.  $30 + $25r = $180
  14. Now solve the equation.                                            
  15. 30 + 25r = 180                                   
  16. 30 – 30 + 25r = 180 – 30                                                   
  17.  25r = 150                                                         
  18.  r = 6
  19. Since r is the number of rooms that were cleaned, you know that I had 6 rooms cleaned.
  20. Post your problem and solution on the discussion topic, “Week 2 Discussion.”
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