Need an argumentative essay on Project Management Plan & Presentation. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Application of these systems have proved to be insufficient in operations of Qatar Hospitals and requires improvement. As such, this current system will be replaced by an Integrated Hospital System (HS) in order to improve the performance of the hospital operations. The new systems seeks to update the hospital system in the wake of technological advancement especially during emergencies.

The purpose of Request for Quotes is to request proposal to replace the current Qatar Hospitals Systems with a new integrated Hospital System (HS) for greater functionality and integration with other vital information systems. The Request for Quotes indicates the basic requirements of the project, hardware and software and description of RFQ process.

The resolution of this document is to express the communications strategies and goals of the sustainable integration project. These advanced goals and strategies are anticipated to offer direction in planning and evaluating results of the present and forthcoming communications efforts. The sustainable packaging project Communications Management Plan (CMP) expresses the project’s organization and procedures of information screening, collection, distribution and formatting of project information. The communication log for this project helps track communication as follows.

The plan will be aimed to document the tools, processes and procedures that will be used to achieve and control those events that could have a negative effect on this project. All the risks that are related to the project. The details regarding identifying the risk, assessing, risk tracking and reporting as well as risk contingency plan will be included. The identified risks are presented as

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