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From this paper it is clear that homelessness is a term that is very broad since it looks different to every person who experiences it. It is both a problem and a symptom of other negative issues that range from chronic diseases, financial instability, abuse, unemployment, mental illness, sexual victimization, and domestic violence. It a state of circumstances and choices and traumatic experiences that lead an individual to be declared homeless. According to the discussion the legal definition of homelessness includes children and youth that lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence where they sleep. This includes all children that live in shelters and adults who also live in such shelters. This definition covers people living in shelters or transitional housing, motels, cars and campgrounds or sharing houses with others temporary due to loss of their residence or economic hardship Organizations like Bowery Mission in NYC have faced challenges in providing places for the homeless but also in supplying them with the basic supplies. These shelters serve to an average of 260 dinners per night NYC has shelters for different categories of people. There shelters for families with minor children and pregnant. They also have shelters for adult families who have no children. Help USA is an organization that provides shelters for the homeless in NYC. It built its first building in East New York in Brooklyn that changed the way people viewed the homeless. Homeless people in NYC have the option of seeking assistance at shelters that are open for 24 hours and seven days a week. The main cause of homelessness in NYC among families is a lack of affordable housing and immediate effects like evictions and overcrowded housing.&nbsp.

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